Advances in Molecular Medicine
Published online January 29, 2007

Aim and Scope

The employment of molecular biology and gene technology has enhanced the understanding of human diseasses creating a new branch of research - that of "molecular medicine". Advances in Molecular Medicine publishes original papers, rapid communications, review articles and correspondence of the highest quality pertinent to all aspects of human biology and pathophysiology. The application of research involving gene technology, gene therapy, molecular structural analysis, genetic epidemiology and molecular and clinical pharmacology has made an precedented progress and precision possible in the understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. These areas of molecular medicine, therefore, will he given particular attention by the editorial board. Papers describing in vitro or animal studies will be accepted, if they are relevant to normal or pathological human biology. Please include at the end of the acknowledgements a declaration that the experiments comply with the current laws of the country in which the experiments were performed.

Editorial Team


Turgay Isbir Istanbul, Turkey


Associate Editors

Peter Butterworth London, UK
Nejat Dalay Istanbul, Turkey
Fiorella Guadagni Rome, Italy
Nezih Hekim Istanbul, Turkey
Necip Ilhan Elazig, Turkey
Selim C. Isbir Istanbul, Turkey
Mark Wheatley Birmingham, UK


Editorial Board

Bedia Agachan Istanbul, Turkey
Abdulaziz A. Al-Khedhairy, Riyadh, S. Arabia
Kemal Altas, Istanbul, Turkey
Toshio Asakura, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Turgay Atasu, Istanbul, Turkey
Rolf F. Barth, Columbus, OH, USA
Mhamad Battikhi, Zarga, Jordan
Hakan Berkkan, Istanbul, Turkey
Ilmay Bilge, Istanbul, Turkey
George Birkmayer, Vienna, Austria
Bela Bodey, Reseda, CA, USA
Jose Bubis, New York, NY, USA
Fatima Cardoso, Brussels, Belgium
George Deliconstantinus, Athens, Greece
John G. Delinassios, Athens, Greece
Esen O. Dural, Istanbul, Turkey
Ahmed El-Sohemy, Toronto, Canada
Sevinc Emre, Istanbul, Turkey
H. Husrev Hatemi, Istanbul, Turkey
Mehmet Isbir, Antalya, Turkey
Emin Kansu, Ankara, Turkey
Sirawat Klinbunga, Bangkok, Thailand
Shant Kumar, Manchester, UK
Ferdane Kutlar, Augusta, GA, USA
Omer Kucuk, Detroit, MI, USA

Hyung Hoan Lee, Seoul, South Korea
Werner Lichtenegger, Berlin, Germany
Yunus Luqmani, Safat, Kuwai
Zsombor Melegh, Bristol, UK
Joseph Molnar,Szeged, Hungary
Kyriaki Mystakidou, Athens, Greece
Masato Nakamura, Kanakawa, Japan
Garth L. Nicolson, Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Edith Olah, Budapest, Hungary
Oguz Ozturk, Istanbul, Turkey
Stanimir Vuk Pavlovic, Rochester, MN, USA
Geoffrey J. Pilkington, Portsmouth, UK
Kia Rashidan, Montreal, Canada
Carlos A. Rubio, Stockholm, Sweden
Johann Salnikow, Berlin, Germany,
Subrata Sau, Calcutta, India
Aydan Sirin, Istanbul, Turkey
Yaman Tekant, Istanbul, Turkey
Franz Theuring, Berlin, Germany
Christian Woiciechowsky, Berlin, Germany
Odysseus Zoras, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Ilhan Yaylim, Istanbul, Turkey
Hulya Yilmaz, Istanbul, Turkey
Temel Yilmaz, Istanbul, Turkey
Umit Zeybek, Istanbul, Turkey

Assistant Editors

Nilufer Bozkurt Istanbul, Turkey
H. Arzu Ergen Istanbul, Turkey

Submission of Manuscripts

Contributions should be submitted for publication under the following section headings to the Editor-in-Chief.

Prof. Dr. Turgay Isbir

Institute for Experimental Medical Research
Department of Molecular Medicine
P.O. Box: 7 Capa 34390 Istanbul, Turkey
Tel&Fax: +90 212 635 19 59

. Original Articles describing substantial original research that falls within the scope of the Journal.

. Short Reports which include brief technical notes and preliminary communications should not contain more than 1200 words, one figure or table and have not more than ten references.

. Reviews section highlights current development in relevant areas of Molecular Medicine. They are generally invited; other prospective authors should consult with the Editor-in-Chief.

. Letters to the Editor focus on new findings or respond to prior articles. They should not exceed 800 words, one table or figure.

. Book Reviews which are pertinent to molecular medicine are commissioned by the Book Review Editor.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nezih Hekim

Pakize Tarzi Laboratory
Valikonagi Caddesi No: 86 Nisantasi 80200 Istanbul, Turkey


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