Adv Mol Med 2007; 3(4): 197-204

Published online: June 7, 2008
DOI 10.2399/amm.07.197

Department of Molecular Medicine, the Institute of Experimental Medicine


Turgay İsbir


Department of Molecular Medicine, The Institue of Experimental Medicine, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey


The Department of Molecular Medicine at the Istanbul University, Institute of Experimental Medical Research is the only Molecular Medicine Department in Turkey. It is a 14 years old department but actively working for 12 years. It is an interdiciplinary scientific branch and there are many different projects going on in that department. Masters and Ph.D. programs are offered in the Department of Molecular Medicine under the aegis of the Institute of Health Sciences and 13 students have completed their degrees so far.

Key words

Molecular medicine, institution

Adv Mol Med 2007; 3(4): 197-204

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